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Celebrities from the college times, which you didn’t know, that they were a bit different than now! Check some curiosities about their life. Do you know what Angelina Jolie did, when she was young? Are you curious about Will Smith previous job? Do you want to know, what mother of Leonardo DiCaprio did, when he was unborn? Many stories about young celebrities, you can read down here by clicking every image one by one!

Tom Cruise
source : www.fashionnstyle.com

When he was young, Tom Cruise was wondering about sports career. His knee injury makes that impossible. He’s life is full of unexpected things, like that when he was trying to be a priest! He was traveling a lot when he was younger.


Lady Gaga
source : www.goodhousekeeping.com

She grew up in the italian family, which was pretty catholic at all. She’s music career starts very fast. Her first song was made when she was 13. After all, she was continued her music progress.


Ben Afleck
source : www.pinterest.com

Ben Afleck was bred only by his mother. His parents broke up when he was young. He’s not different now, then he was college. Even his haircut is very close to currently one. Are you agree?


Mila Kunis
source : feetbanks.wordpress.com

Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine, and when she was 7 their parents decide to move abroad from Ukraine to United States. When she was young, Mila was participating in numerous performances in her school.


Will Smith
source : www.blameitonthevoices.com

There is one fact about Will Smith, which you probably didn’t know! Before Will became an actor, he was… rapper! When he was 16 he was calling as a “Fresh Prince”, and together with his friend, “DJ Jazzy Jeff”, record some stuff called “Rock the House”.