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Celebrities from the college times, which you didn’t know, that they were a bit different than now! Check some curiosities about their life. Many stories about young celebrities, you can read down here.

Sandra Bullock
source : www.youngyearbook.com

She was born in Arlington in Virginia, but she spend her childhood in Germany with her grandparents. Sandra Bullock was singing in children’s choir, when she was very young. Later, in United States, she was a cheerleader and she was a football player too!


Angelina Jolie
source : jolieangel.wordpress.com

When she was young, Angelina was a really different person than now. She was some kind of punk girl. Her style and image was pretty different than now. She was participating in crazy gigs, dancing in the mosh style.


Leonardo DiCaprio
source : favim.com

Rumors says that his mother, Irmelin, believes, that child need to associate with some art, when it is in the womb of it’s mother. Leonardo was an actor even when was young. His career stars very soon.


Jennifer Aniston
source : www.pinterest.com

Jennifer Aniston is probably one of the most popular characters of friends series, with everlasting beauty. When she was college, she was earning her first money by delivering newspapers on her bike, and she was a waitress too!


George Clooney
source : www.windhonden.net

George Clooney looks very similar. He was and he is still very handsome man. Probably he is the oldest one in this article, but really man is like a wine! Never too old, only much more better!