10 Fameous People Who Have Worked In A Very Weird Places – home

Clint Eastwood was taking a part in many task, reserved only for real man, but which one? For those and more more question you can take the answer in this article.

Brad Pitt
source : www.businessinsider.com

Brad Pitt probably got some funny stories about his previous jobs! In one of them, he was walking among the street, wearing chicken outfit. All because of advertising one of the mexican food stores.


Christopher Walken
source : www.philly.com

Christopher Walken is a really king of kings in this article! You will never guess about his job! He was a lion tamer! Yes, that’s right! Can you realize him in this role, standing in the front on lion?


Kanye West
source : pulsd.com

Kanye West in the past was sales assistant in a clothing store. In according to this job, he grabs a style, which is included to his music. Can you agree with that? Maybe we should ask Kim.


Eva Mendes
source : mpcdot.com

Eva Mendes, one of the most beautiful women in the world, was… selling hot dogs! She was selling hot dogs in shopping center. Probably she was some kind of employee of the month because of her beauty (and trading skills of course).


Clint Eastwood
source : www.nq-online.de

This legendary actor had many jobs, before he was a star! He was lumberjack and firefighter for suppose. Maybe that’s why he is so hot even now, when he is older? Ouu, he was a metallurgist too!