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They are the goddesses of international beauty. Today we would like to show you 10 the hottest celebrities in this world! They are a dream of very single man on this planet.

Jessica Biel
source : entertainmentaroundtheworld.wordpress.com

Great actress and beautiful woman. She’s hot because of her rating as an actress and woman in personal. Her style is admired the most. Do you like her because of her style and because she looks like this?


Anna Chlumsky
source : madamenoire.com

Anna Chlumsky is an american actress. She became famous after she take a role in movie called “My gril” in 1991. After that she build her talent in many ways. Now she is hot woman with great smile and eyes. Everyone could be jealous about her body!


Miley Cyrus
source : mileycyrusmemoir.blogspot.com

Miley Cyrus got many talents. She is an actress, singer and songs writer. She got famous thanks to Hannah Montana series. Miley was born in 1992 in Nashville. Now she is attractive, energizing hot woman with backpack full of great experience.


Scarlett Johansson
source : entertainmentaroundtheworld.wordpress.com

Scarlett Johansson was born in New York in 1984. Her amazing smile and lurking eyes are trully excellent. Her actress career starts when she was 8, by taking some lessons from Lee Strasberg actors school. Take a look on her other pictures and history of roles.


Alyssa Milano
source : www.thepopjar.com

You will never guess that Alyssa Milano was born in 1972! She looks so young and hot! Already she is beating most of the young girls in the beauty category! Can you agree with us?