10 Spectacular Russian Wedding Photo Fails

Have you ever dreamed of perfect wedding photos? Sunset, sandy beach, exotic island… Sounds great, right? But Mother Russia has it differently. We appreciate Russians kitschy sense of style, creative thought, and unlimited imagination, especially when it comes to post-production. They are the unquestionable leaders in the industry. Surfing on a car? Checked. A half-eagle half-man bridegroom clutching tightly his bride-prey? Checked. Centaur-like newlyweds? Been there, done that. So if you think nothing surprises you then you haven’t seen these pictures. Take a ride with us through the 10 worst wedding photos.

Let’s go on an adventure! source : sadanduseless.com

The bride is going on an adventure! Somewhere in Asia, her adorned boat is waiting for her to embark and set off to the land of never ending marital happiness. ru.bride.boat