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There are a lot of stunning and breathtaking places all around the world, but if you were to choose only ten of them, what would you pick? We wanted to make the choice easier for you, so take a look what is our list and comment it below with your opinion! You probably will agree with a few, but we are more than sure that you have your own favs. Let’s go!

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Charming streets of Lisbon, lovely pint in Porto or stunning clean beaches of Algarve? It’s up to you, but one thing is well known – you will fall in love with this country and its always smiling inhabitants.


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Oh Thailand, you beauty! Clean water,stunning beaches and the culture which is ready for you to be discovered! Go crazy in Bangkok or chill out in the Asian sun in some places called and looked like paradise.


United States
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You may think whatever you want to about this idea, but for us visitng United States should be on your bucket list with a lot of spots to offer. That’s obvious you need to see New York, but you could also drive America’s most iconic highway – Route 66.


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Iceland with its variety or attractions becomes a popular place to travel to. A massive chance to see northern lights, famous geysers and perfect, natural landscapes make you want to just stop and get lost there!


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In the past „American Dream” was a popular saying, but now it could be overtaken by „Australian Dream”. The place where great architecture, culture and people’s positive vibes meet the nature, history and beauty. Must see!