10 Films To Watch This Autumn – home

In this article, you will find out titles of 10 movies we recommend to watch this fall. You’ll feel relaxed, better and get the atmsphere!

You’ve Got Mail
source : Blu-ray.com

Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, books, smiles, love and the beautiful, heartbreaking autumn in the heart of New York. Could we even pray for better when we want to get in this kind of mood?


When Harry Met Sally
source : etonline.com

Autumn love and affection is totally in the air! One of the most successful and touching romantic films should be a point on your list for this fall. And one of the loveliest couple ever, too.


La La Land
source : guim.co.uk

Ryan Gosling. (Ok, Emma Stone too!). Love in the relationship between too relatively young artists. Lazy streets and landscapes full of fall images and colors. You’ll fall in love with an autumn (and this movie,too)


source : steindia.com

This film will make you wonder, and think twice about some things. Dev Patel, our favourite Slumdog Millionaire, tries to locate his real family with Google Earth. Must-see this (and every next!) autumn! Coming soon.


Dead Poets Society
source : huffingtonpost.com

Why for autumn? Autumn is the time of coming back to schools or unis. And this movie is full of it. Uniforms, school days, students and all this stuff around will make you feel autumny.