10 Original Ways To Propose – home

Proposal is a serious thing, that is a pretty obvious statement! If you want to achieve success, you need to do it right and get properly prepared. Guys, we created for you a special list to help you go through this. Ladies, you can send this article to your men to get them, you know, inpired, or motivated… They should know what to do next!

Marry me, Hermione
source : etsy.com

Anyone fancy a Harry Potter Style proposal? Here you are! Pretty much all you need is a charming vintage necklace and a bit of DIY skills to put a short note and a ring inide.


source : Reddit.com

Everyone loves cats, so your situation is pretty sorted if you use one cute kitty to melt your partner’s heart. Could you say „no” to this sweetie? Yes, we can hear some wedding bells now!


source : thedailyblender.net

Take your beloved one for a ride. Yeh, for a ride in a massive theme park with rollercoaster which makes you both sick. And then… follow the guy from the photo! This is original – we are not sure it worked though


source : buzzfeed.com

Pizza is an answer to everything. Why to come up with an idea of something too fancy or sophisticated if you can use the cardboard and your favourite pizza? It may not be too classy, but it is probably like hiting a jackpot so it does its work!


source : etsy.com

Order (or make) a special cup and serve your love with a special coffee in it. The surprise seen with the last sip is incredible, and definitely will make your (and your partner’s) day. You can only get rejected if the coffee is terrible!