10 Ways To Get Better Sleep

With these 10 tips, you should feel better and wake up more rested. As some say the quality of your sleep reflects on the quality of your life. So read carefully!

A cool room
source : wqmagazine.com

Your room temperature can influence the quality of your sleep. Too hot and you will wake up sweaty, too cold and you will freeze. Most doctors and sleep experts recommend the room to be slightly cooler (around 18° C or 65° F).


Alcohol is no-no
source : doctoroz.com

Have you ever had a drink or two and were surprised how easily you fell asleep? Well, it can be misleading, but drinking instead of helping your sleep can make it really bad! And the worst thing: you might wake up with a hangover.


Watch your body
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You need to trust your body: watch when you start to get sleepy and record this time. You can start a sleeping journal: write down when you go to sleep, when you went to bed and when you wake up. This way you can figure out your natural schedule.


Clear your mind
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Before going to bed try to clear your head of daily stresses, work related thoughts and other things that occupy your mind. A good idea is to read a book or meditate before going to sleep. This way it will be easier to fall asleep.


Visit a doctor
source : healthmag.am/

Still fighting insomnia? In this case, no internet website can help you the right way. Schedule a visit with your doctor and get some professional advice. This way you will ensure that your health is in the right hands.