10 Sexy Things Every Couple Should Give A Try. #9 Is A Must! – home

Today, we are going to show you 10 unusual ways how to surprise your partner and try some new things you both may love.

Playing board games
source : thedatingcaptain.com

Play the game you know and like and see how your loved one is doing. Currently winning? Get them some prizes they deserved. Permanently losing? Get them some CONSOLATION prizes. In bed for instance. Win-win.


Shower together
source : lifehack.org

Ok, this may sound simply, but some people are still a but ashamed of this kind of activity. Why? You can sleep together and watch your naked bodies – why can’t you shower together and enjoy this? 🙂


Shop together
source : huffpost.com

Ok, we give it to you – you may really hate it – but it may be fun! Wandering through shops in searching for perfect boxers or lingerie may be really exciting and have an impact on your bond. Definitely worth trying!


Hotel Room Game
source : thewinanews.com

Even if your flat – rented or owned – is a cosy corner for you both in the world, sometimes the change is needed! Put your suitcase and book a hotel room – even in a place 10 metres from your apartment. Excitement guaranteed!


source : brtavelgear.com

Similar to previous one, but not the same! Just run away somewhere together. Weekend on the beach? Sunday picnic out of the city? Chilling out in the place only you know? It is up to you.