10 All-Time Best Dinner Ideas – home

In this article we present 10 ideas for delicious dinner, easy to make at home even if you don’t have skills or time to do so!

Couscous with tomatoes
source : snd.com

Add some tomato sauce and cherry tomatoes (if you like). Stir, add some spices of your choice and it’s ready! To make couscous a bit more delicate, you can add some butter to it.


Baked Potatoes
source : realfood.tesco.com

If you have an oven, then you have a lot of solutions! Simply made a hole inside your potato and stuff it with… stuff you want. Then bake. Then enjoy. Putting a slice of cheese on the top is a great idea!


Carrot Creme
source : ninecooks.typepad.com

Blender is a blessing in the kitchen. If you have some, use a thick yoghurt, a bit of stock and chopped carrots, and then blend it all together. The outcome can totally amaze you!


Egg Omelet
source : sailusfood.com

A few eggs and a few seasoning whisked in the bowl and put on the pan to be fried. Quick and yummy! You can add whatever you want to it – we love adding bacon, tomatoes or broccoli.


Greek salad
source : pickermansdeli.com

Easy and tasty. Some salad mixed with preferably feta cheese, a bit of cucumber and fresh tomatoes, red onion and olives if you like, with dressing made of just olive oil. Perfect not only for summer!