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Today, we want to show you 10 hilarious tweets we found on Twitter. We couldn’t wait to show them to you – they are brilliant!

source : twitter.com

Another genius example of „classic” man who needs to stop being a Peter Pan! Even if it is fake, it could describe quite a lot of lads. We are not sure about 45 gums though.


That is love
source : twitter.com

Oh, ladies, you and your being appreciative, you really need to work on it! Guys try their best to be a sort of romantic sometimes and this is what they get in return. Oh dear!


source : twitter.com

The pain which every supporter of England National Team may feel especially during the biggest tournaments. It is actually served here in a brilliant form, which makes you think and read twice, well done pal!


source : twitter.com

Pakalu Papito is a legend not only on Twitter and if you have not followed him yet, it is high time for you to start! Here is just one selected piece of content we are true fans of.


source : twitter.com

Funny and for some impossible to imagine that it is true, but we are keen on taking an approach that yes, it could have really happened – and we wish we could have heard it.