10 Creepy Family Photos – home

Family photos are usually a cute and nice reminder of good, old times. You take them to capture some moments and share them with other. Some of them are not the greatest to send further though… as they may be regarded as awkward ones. We found them for you in the Net and put into a list od 10 creepy family photos. #8 is a killer (that IS a warning).

Family photograph
source : yourdailydish.com

We are not sure what is wrong on this photo – the young girl, the older woman or the guy, or maybe all of them. The thing is that this photo is just terrible, right?


source : thinkandsmile.com

Well, this one is a bit embarassing. It may have made sense to take such a photo in the past but why to repeat it? We see no aim in such a thing. Do you?


Monkey love
source : surlemonz.com

Ok, we really, really like monkeys and we understand that those guys too. There is nothing wrong with it, but… This photo is just a bit creepy and should not have left a family photoalbum.


source : saduseless.com

Ok, it was taken. But imagine the situation when any of mates of these little guys found the photo and showed in in the front of whole school. That would not be too nice, right?


source : imgur.com

Terrific, and this connection with breastfeeding makes it even worse. What make people want to take such photos and publish them anywhere? We will never guess, we do not know to follow or know even.