10 Creepy Family Photos – home

Today we are going to aware you what kind of family photos you definitely shouldn’t take (as long as you don’t want to be our next case!).

Second embarassment
source : goosereport.com

Similar to the previous one, but a bit different. If they are so „crazy” enough, why the baby boy (or girl) wears all the clothes? Why couldn’t the follow a little guy (or girl, we can’t really say…) and do the same? Mystery.


source : distractify.com

Looking at this photo we are just thinking about one thing. This thing is… what was cats’ thought during taking this photo? We are curious to the bone, cause they do not look too happy.


source : collegehumor.com

That is great to have loving, caring parents who give you all their love and attention. But did it have to be captured on the photo which looks like they give kiss to… a dead person?


source : buzzfeed.com

Shooting gun, baby, bath, dog and mom. And someone’s trousers reflection in the mirror. We can not even guess the reason of idea of this photo, but we will never forget it. And you too.


source : allviralthings.com

Daddy (or grandpa) as a clown, wearing „funny” tshirt (thinking it is any relevant), holding crying and apparently not happy baby. Hugs not drugs? We think quite a opposite thing happened there, but fair enough.