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Sometimes the crowd that an artist gets is amazing, but also scary in case of some psychofans who couldn’t do anything for a superstar. Sometimes it goes opposite though – they not only like their fans and are not scared of them, but they even date, get engaged and they married! Find out 10 wonderful stories of celebrities who married their fans in very different circumstances.

Tom Cruise
source : wennermedia.com

Katie Holmes was his fan of all time, so when they met and he took her to Rome, she must have gone crazy from excitement! They have a daughter together, but sadly broke up in 2012.


Brad Pitt
source : intouchweekly.com

Jennifer Aniston is a superstar as well, but since Brad made an appearance in „Friends” she fell for him Then they met on a blind date… and you know what happened. Maybe NOW they could try again?


John Travolta
source : news.com.au

John’s wife, Kelly Preston, had been his fan for ages (Grease!) before she met him while filming a movie together – so the only thing that left then to make it happen was to make him fall in love with her! Mission complete.


Nicolas Cage
source : guim.co.uk

His wife, Alice Kim, was just working in a restaurant 12 years ago and this one particular day, Nicolas walked in to dine a bit… and the magic happened. They got married a few months later, but now they’re separated.


Anne Hathaway
source : heavy.com

After being very unlucky in love, she met a person she is loved by. Adam Shulman was introcued to her by her friends as a massive fan of her work. He still appreciates it so much!