10 Utter Female Beauties – Home

We are surrounded by beautiful actresses, lovely models and pretty singers. Could you actually pick only 10 beauties from all of them? That’s a tough nut to crack… but we took this challenge. Here it is – our rank of 10 total beauties. You can share your ideas in comments below. We are ready for your disagreement on some… or excitement on others! Come on!

Jessica Alba
source : fashionista.com

Ohhh what a beauty she is! She doesn’t appear in many films or series now, but we still remember (and are in deep, real and neverending love) with her perfect face and such a lovely smile.


Emilia Clarke
source : imdb.com

One of the stars of Game of Thrones and recently also „Me Before You” is charming yet very sexy. You should keep your eye on her as she is going to surprise us not once not twice!


Lily Collins.
source : justjaredrj.com

A new pearl in the market. She got famous after appearing in „Love, Rosie’ with Sam Cliffin, but she is also a daughter of loved Phil Collins, and this fact makes her even more loved by us.


Jennifer Lopez
source : mtv.com

She is such a rocket! She is in her 40s now, but still looking better than 90% of 20s all around the world. In her new clip she is a proper female tiger and you would never guess her age judging by this!


Ellie Goulding
source : directlyrics.com

As she is gaining more and more popularity and recognition, she is getting more and more fans as well. We are not surprised – she is a lovely and talented blonde with a terrific voice!