10 Utter Female Beauties – Home

Today we are going to show you our rank of 10 women who are considered as georgeous singers, actresses, artists or models. Check it out!

Natalie Portman
source : richestcelebrities.org

Delicate and one of the most important and popular actresses nowadays. Natural beauty who does not need lots of plastic syrgeries to amaze people all around the world. Chapeau bas, Natalie, we love you!


Keira Knightley
source : indiewire.com

One of our fav actresses. Strong character in „The Dutches”, lovely girl in „Love Actually” or „Pirates of the Caribbean” – but whoever she had a role of, she was always pretty and charming.


Emma Watson
source : justjared.com

Our little Hermione from the series of Harry Potter adventures has grown up and now she is a beautiful lady who flourishes here and there. Not only is she pretty, but also very intelligent and smart.


Taylor Swift
source : newsapi.com.au

This American beauty is known for numerous songs which are blockbusters very short after they are released, but she is also regarded as one of the most beautiful singers in the world. Well. We just have to admit it now!


Katy Perry
source : hdwallpapers.in

She is controversial, sometimes you may not be convinced by her outfits, but she is really sexy and charming in her way. Knowing by many hits she wrote and sang, she has some real chance to become a legend.