10 Celebrities That Transformed Their Body

Summer is coming and you are looking for motivation to work out? You will surely find it when looking at these amazing transformations! Just cheQ this out!

Christiano Ronaldo
source : predatornutrition.com

Can this guy be any more amazing? For Christiano Ronaldo becoming more fit was necessary to fullfill his dreams of becoming a word class footballer. The change he achieved is astonishing, as are his results and achievements!


Drew Carrey
source : fittips4life.com

Popular TV Show host made his weight one of his main characters. But it seems that eventually he got tired of it as well become more concerned with his health. This led to this crazy transformation!


Hugh Jackman
source : playbuzz.com

Look at Hugh. Look at his transformation. Then look at his age. Isn’t that just supernatural? Hugh Jackman was able to develop jaw-dropping physique even though he is not so young anymore. That’s what 6 days a week of training can do to you!


Gerrard Butler
source : fittips4life.com

It’s King Leonidas himself! “”300″” movie was full of actors who underwent amazing transformations. Gerrard is a prime example of what you can do if you just create a goal for yourself. He invented his own training routine “”300-rep spartan style workout””!


Jake Gyllenhall
source : fittips4life.com

Playing a bulky boxer in Southpaw meant bulking time for Jake. He gained over 30 pounds through super intense training: he trained as much as 6 hours a day. And he didn’t forget about diet – it was extremely strict and involved eating lots of protein and carbohydrates.