10 Gay Celebrities You Need To Know

Have you ever heard “It’s okay to be gay”? These 10 celebrities certainly did! A few years back being openly gay could destroy your career. Now, thanks to people like them, it has changed. This celebrities don’t hide their sexual orientation and can be an inspiration to many people. Just look at how happy they are! Did you know about all of them? cheQthis out!

Jim Parsons
source : abcnews.go.com

Famous “Big Bang Theory” star is in a 10-year relationship with Todd Spiewak. Unlike some other stars, he was quiet about it. He never talked about it out loud but at the same time never hid it.


Ricky Martin
source : columbiaestero.com

For singer Ricky Martin it was hard to admit he is gay. After years of sidestepping this question, he finally became true with himself. “I am very blessed to be who I am”, he said in a 2016 interview. Guess what: he met his partner on Instagram!


Neil Patrick Harris
source : wikipedia.org

The most charming of them all – many ladies have fallen for Neil Patrick Harries. Bad news – he is taken by equally handsome David Burtka. It’s over 13 years of happy relationship. Many straight couples could learn a thing or two from these guys!


Wentworth Miller
source : justjared.com

Star of “Prison Break” came out with style. He was quiet about his orientation until a very special letter. In an open letter to GLAAD he denied his invitation to St Petersburg Film Festival. It was in a protest of how Russian government is treating LGBT people. That’s brave!


Ellen Degeneres
source : eonline.com

Ellen is a true legend of coming out. She was one of the first to do it on national TV. This has completely changed the game! Some people were so shocked that they’ve boycotted the show. This didn’t stop Ellen as she paved the road for others to come.