10 Smoothies Looking Lovely For Instagram – home

Today, we are going to show you a few inspirational smoothies you can not only prepare but also take photos of to be famous on Instagram!

source : buzzfeed.com

We call it „ombre” smoothie – it must be an effort to prepare even one glass of them, but the variety of flavours will melt your stomach for sure (and get you some fame in social media)!


source : buzzfeed.com

Adding a scoop or two of icecream may be a great, refreshing and cold idea for your smoothie. Show both – process of preparation and the outcome – on Instagram and wait for standing ovation (at least we hope for it)!


source : dailymail.co.uk

So tasty. So colorful. So yummy. So original. It must have around five thousand calories and it takes 50 years to burn it, but we are not bothered. Your followers would not be bothered as well.


source : onsugar.com

Publish a photo of fit and healthy smoothie with some same healthy things around it. You can show others your fit way of life as well as great taste for smoothies. Maybe someone would like to be invited for one of them after?


source : pinterest.com

Full of colours and full of flavours, looking great in layers creating a kind of rainbow in a glass. This is not only a great idea for Instagram, but also for parties – your guests will be delighted!