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In this article you will get to know the titles of 10 movies which may leave you pretty sad, so maybe think twice before watching!

Best Of Me
source : trailers.apple.com

The proof that true love never dies and may surprise you even when you do not really expect it to! Bittersweet reunion of two former loves may be a tearful, but beautiful experience for you.


Love, Rosie
source : miye.eu

The story begins when the main characters are that, that little and enjoy time together in the school – like friends. Soon the plot twists quite a few times and the outcome is more than surprising… and keeps in suspence!


Dear John
source : quotesgram.com

The film about love between the solider and a young adolescent, who fell in love with each other at a first sight. The story is really complicated and the ending is not that predicatble, so you”ll definitely enjoy it!


PS I love You
source : fl.com.br

It is not only a wonderful storyline about love and passion – it will also make you fall in love with Ireland (if you’re looking for more Irish style films – go on „Leap Year”!)


One Day
source : popotiq.com

Beautiful story with stunning Anne Hathaway as a main character. It is going to teach you quite a few things about appreciation, devotion and determination, but first of all – about true and deep love.