10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed – home

No matter if you are a master at cooking, or you just cook from time to time, or you don’t fancy cooking at all – it is always worth making your life or cooking easier. Luckily, there are some brilliant human inventions you may find really useful and coming in handy one day. We prepared a list of 10 things you definitely need in your kitchen!

source : buzzfeed.com

Are you a total crap at spliting yolks and whites out of the egg and you waste eggs on doing this? Look at this genius invention, which is also cute and really useful culinary gadget in your life.


source : distractify.com

Ok, let’s face it – you are not the best in all these „filling, stuffing and closing” stuff, so you always preferred to order. Now you can have some help in Machine Mini Maker which does it for you!


source : 3oop.net

You can whisk. You can stir. You can mix. And all of those functions above are hidden in this tool of an original design. Must have in your kitchen – you have never mixed anything so well!


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Do you need some rest from sweeties? Do you want to hide jelly beans from your kids? Do you want to prevent your husband from eating crisps all the time? Invest in the container with timer… and ait when the time runs out.


Heating spoon
source : etsy.com

Always in rush? Forget to drink your cup of tea? Cold morning coffee is your routine? Not anymore. This spoon, with some LED lights inside, heat your liquid, soup, stew or drink. Problem is solved!