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Well… there are men and there are ladies. Men will not understand ladies things, and ladies shouldn’t even try to understand some real men issues and habits. Ok, they may try, but they won’t get it at all, or maybe we should give them one more chance? Ladies, you’re here for a treat. Let’s see the list of 10 things probably only men are going to understand.

Toilet seat
source : 9gag.com

So annoying for girls, so normal for guys who sometimes do a big favour to flush the water down. They will always insist on leaving the toilet seat up to save some precious time!


Touching balls
source : caughtoffside.com

Yes, guys need to touch them. Adjust them. Scratch them. Correct their position. For women it looks like nothing more than playing with balls, but they are (or may be) really wrong. Guys could spare them doing it in the public though.


Reading on the toilet
source : guardian.co.uk

When to catch up with the news if not… in the toilet kingdom? Even if it is not a newspaper, you still have your phone (and charger if needed) and you can read on it. Educational for guys, time-wasting and silly for ladies.


source : dailymail.co.uk

Women’s flu is normal. They can suffer, feel unwell, have a fever, but sooner or later they recover. Guys are literally dying from having a cough. Ladies who haven’t experienced it yet – you are really lucky!


source : wint.com

Great memory for scores, goals, statistics, time of kick-off. No memory left for anniversaries or birthdays though. How is it happening if all these things are numbers? It is beyond every lady, but happens far too often!