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In this article we are going to show 10 things normal for guys and hard to understand by women at the same time. Do you know any other things like this?

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While ladies are literally hanging on Facebook and Whatsapp all the time, guys are done with „be there in 5”. They don’t like gossips or small talks, they don’t need to talk to someone 24/7. What they need is what they get.


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Men won’t ask for help, for directions or for hints. Their pride won’t let them do that and they prefer to get lost or look for a clue for next 10 years than ask anyone for any help!


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Future? What is future? Guys are not really into settling down, while girls think about their babies names 2 days after a first date. It is not correct – it is just different and better realize this difference!


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One of the most popular questions about guys must be „why are they wearing briefs?”. Boxers are so sexy that ladies can go crazy about them, why to wear briefs instead and look like girl’s… sister? Put your briefs away mate.


Guy code
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There are some golden rules each guy in a team should stick to. No hooking up with friends’ relatives, no hard feelings and no gossips – they are just a few of them. Guys can keep them. Girls probably couldn’t.