10 Funny Mom Tweets – home

We all know how girls could behave like – and how funny it could be. Even if you are a girl, you just have to laugh at ladies, at least sometimes. We compile one of the funniest texts in the net concerning… mums. You will wish your mum sent some of them, because they are pretty hilarious (and sometimes relevant even if you are not a mom or not going to!)

source : twitter.com

This is so true that if we could, we would give her a medal. You probably experienced it even if you are not a parent yet, but moms have a great excuse to do so…


source : twitter.com

If we had kids, we would be probably interested in doing this as well. What a pity it is not acceptable or possible. What about ear plugs for everyone? We feel sorry for parents flying with kids though…


source : twitter.com

We wish we could say „be careful what you wish for and what you are doing”. Punishing your kids may be controversial, but it is rather teasing, don’t you think? We really love this one!


source : twitter.com

The struggle is real if you really like a thing but you almost certainly have to share it with kids. The solution is simple – eat things your kids don’t like. Cravings are finally rescued!


source : twitter.com

You need to share with kids and between kids. Be prepared on some „mission impossible” – one of them is trying to split M&M’s. Not giving two. Spliting one. Was it a special one or what?