10 Funny Mom Tweets – home

Today we are going to show you some great examples of tweets written by moms all over the world. Watch out and laugh out loud!

source : twitter.com

Another brilliant example of hiding with your craving food from kids. You could also go „shopping”, lock in the car for ages or just eating in the shower… if you will not be found there!


source : twitter.com

Learning bad habits (even if eating brownies is not one of them) is the last thing any parent would like to do. But what if they actually like those habits and just tell their kids they are bad?


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Ok, kids may be embarassing once or twice and we can evn forgive them some things. Some things are unforgiveable though – and this is a perfect example of one of them. We are laughing now though…


source : twitter.com

Your first thought must have been „what a rude parent! How could he? Terrible”. Your second one quite likely was „I think I would do the same instead of admitting guilt in front of my baby”. Ridiculous, yeh?


Eye contact
source : twitter.com

That is hilarious but great advice for parents. If you sing them to sleep with hope and excitement of things which are going to happen after, you will be noticed… and stay there forever (or until the morning).