10 Photoshopped Tweets That Will Crack You Up

Have you ever needed someone to Photoshop your photo? Like delete this old lady in the background or make you look a bit taller? Well, Jamie got you covered. There is one catch: he will take your photo and be really straightforward with his edits. And then post it on his twitter. Well, at least job done? Results may surprise you… You need to cheQ this out!

Not scary…
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

The girl wanted a train to create an action like scene. Too bad James used “Thomas The Train” from a TV series for children! It didn’t turn out to scary or thrilling but on the other hand… it looks a bit creepy!


Wait a second…
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

Every young man has dreamt of a beautiful mustache. This guy wanted some help with Photoshopping a mustache on his face. So James did it… with his eyebrows!We must say the guy doesn’t look too happy about it.


That’s helpful!
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

A bit too much time on the sun and you end up with sunburn. A little bit of Photoshop might help to recover beautiful vacation photos. This couple needed help so James did what he could: by Photoshopping suncream on their face.


They look happy!
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

Beautiful couple, fancy dresses and a… not so good looking lady in the background. That calls for some Photoshop action! James came to the rescue by removing the lady from the background and… putting her into the arms of the smiling guy!


source : twitter.com/fjamie013

People in the background just like to ruin our photos, don’t they? These girls had a problem with a guy that had taken a pretty unflattering position while standing behind them. So James did him and them a favor by making it all more… civilized.