10 Photoshopped Tweets That Will Crack You Up

Have you ever needed someone to Photoshop your photo? Like delete this old lady in the background or make you look a bit taller? Well, Jamie got you covered.

Looks lovely!
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

Height difference can be a tough pill to swallow – sometimes we just want to be a bit taller. The girl wanted simply to reduce the difference between her and her friend. We must say: mission accomplished!


It’s gettin hot!
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

Whenever you do some extreme sports you really want to take some extreme photos. But it not always that easy! These girls thought James could be helpful. I’m not sure this is what they really meant!


Dreams come true!
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

Dream big or go home – that’s what many will say to you. This girl had a quite challenging dream: she wanted to go to space. James was very helpful with that, but I’m not sure if that was the space she meant…


Avoid stereotypes!
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

This guy just wanted to look tough. And what’s tough? A bunch of stereotypes, it turns out! This was not something James liked to hear. So he decided to Photoshop a life lesson onto him!


Love yourself!
source : twitter.com/fjamie013

This girl was not a fan of her freckles. That’s why she asked James to blur them out. He decided to act really classy: he pointed out how we shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves. That’s an amazing life lesson!