10 Games You Want To Play Just Now. Get me #7! – home

In this article we want to present you the list of 10 games – both board and PC – which were very likely loved by you in your childhood.

The Sims
source : simsfans.de

Good old friend. The first part of game which stole hearts of players all around the world would still steal also 10 hours of your day (again). We aware you – but feel free to start playing…


Sim City
source : lenumeriques.com

Bored with building houses? Build the whole city instead! The series has a few parts, but we like 3000 the most. The most exciting part is when you have all your city ready and the hurricane comes…


RollerCoaster Tycoon
source : rollercoastertycoon.com

We have no idea how many hours we spent on playing this one, but we would never say „too many”. We’ve never finished this game either, need to do our homework now! Let’s find the CD…


Counter Strike
source : youtube.com

If you’re a boy – you probably spent good 1000 hours on playing this game. If you’re a girl – you were probably annoyed by a fact above. Either way – you know this game and have some hard (or warm) feelings to it!


Colin McRae Rally 2.0
source : iceis.pl

Oh dear, oh dear. One of the greatest racing games in the history. Driving through different and difficult terrains in Europe got us for many, many months – and we really want to play it again!