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„No way” – this could be a reaction to any content published in this article. Just for you we are going to reveal some secrets and unknown facts about celebrities you know, love and admire. Check out if you had a clue about any of them before reading this article. #6 made us hungry, #8 gave us some solution as for gaining fame, and all of them you may find really unpredictable!

Tobey Maguire
source : collider.com

You won’t believe this one thing about the guy who played Spiderman. Like, you won’t believe same as we did not. Tobey Maguire is scared of… heights! How did he play a courageous hero then? That’s the question, but chapeau bas Tobey!


Liam Payne
source : gazettereview.com

Your gorgeous, fantastic Liam has a very specific kind of fear we would expect no one to have, really. Liam is scared of… spoons. Yeh, lovely silver spoons. Why? Wish we could ask him – maybe one day.


Ryan Gosling
source : www.tvguide.com

One of the hottest actors in the business was asked to audition for Backstreet Boys, but he refused this offer! We are crying to the moon now. Oh, just imagine how legendary would it be!


Lady Gaga
source : digitalspy.com

Did you know that she wrote lyrics to her absolute smashing hit, Born This Way, in just 10 mins? Yeh, we can’t believe, but she proved us not once and not twice that impossible is nothing!


Woody Harrelson
source : ew.com

Oh Woody! He keeps a secret which is not that greatest to reveal. His father was a contract killer… Sounds terryfying, right? Fortunately, Woody made it to have a successful and calm career as an amazing actor. Woody, thanks for taking a different way!