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Lovely guys around the world, handsome guys around the world… We want them here and now (if we only could..)! Every day we come across guys we would eat with pleasure for breakfast. We made you a special list of 10 hot guys who (you wish) are waiting for you. Are you ready for some heat? Better turn the fan on before starting reading!

Ryan Gosling
source : tvguide.com

Are you surprised that he open our rank? The guy who could be a crush to 90% girls all around the world and who made your heart melt by appearing in the film „The Notebook”.


Chad Michael Murray
source : inquisitr.com

Have you watched „Cinderella Story”? You must have fallen in love (if you are a girl) or appreciated his sports achievements (if you’re a guy). The truth is… you could not have missed him!


Channing Tatum
source : boomsbeat.net

The superstar of Dear John or Step Up, where apart from playing a main character he was also dancing in a way we would like him to dance for us. Maybe one day… So hot!


Sam Cliffin
source : yourtango.com

One of our newest finding, who becomes the sexiest guy ever seen by us. Now we can’t miss any film with his appearance. Watch „Love Rosie” and „Me before You”, it will be enough to make you fall in love.


Matthew Lewis
source : hollywood.com

Who would have thought that a little Neville from the series of Harry Potter will be such a hottie? Oh, he is. Watch „Me before You” and you’ll see him and Sam Cliffin on the same screen. Cuteness guaranteed.