The Secret Story Of Russian (Male) Dating Pictures

Finding your significant other is almost like a war. What do you do when all the options from your circles of friends are used? You go to a dating site. And what’s the most important there? Your profile picture! Seems easy, right? Yet again adopt a different approach (check our previous post about Russian Wedding Photos). From gangsta style to skewed-romantic-toilet type, from Slav squat to a split on a car… They’re a little bit crude, and a little bit brute. We’re just curious if there is any woman who might be interested in one of those dudes. Go through the list of 10 ridiculous Russian dating profiles and find out which pictures are a definite no-no!

The Ushanka Hat source :

The Ushanka hat will never go out of fashion. But why is he wearing the hat in a bathtub filled with water? Maybe he tries L’oreal shampoo to wash it and make it worth it?