10 TV Series You Should Start Watching – home

In this article you will find out names of TV series you should consider watching any time and any where. Maybe you know some of them already?

source : channel4.com

We are not sure we can call it a proper TV series ut it is definitely worth watching! It is all about watching people who are… watching TV. Their comments are hilarious and can make your day!


Dr House
source : linkedin.com

Classic series not only for people in love with the world of medicine (or the main character). Catchy, ridiculous at moments and interesting view on doctor’s world. We would say it is worth spending a few evenings on!


How I Met Your Mother
source : salon.com

Great American series about a team of friends and their highs and lows. You’ll find a bit of love, misunderstanding and passion there, mixed with every day life of five friends in New York.


source : tvguide.com

Good, old Friends! You may find it a bit old school, but we will never get bored of adventures of Ross, Rachel and the rest of the gang. It was funny in the past – i may be even more funny now!


House of Cards
source : ethosreview.com

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood will show you the real world of politics, American drama and gaining a massive power which can lead to various things. Worth watching and analysing, we give it 10 out of 10!