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Having siblings is a great thing, but having a twin could be even greatest! There a few hot names in showbusiness who actually have a twin and enjoy it, even if their sister or brother does completely different kind of things. Not all of them look the same, but they really are (fraternal or not) twins. Let’s take a look who is lucky enough to be a twin sister or bro!

Scarlett Johansson
source : extratv.com

She has a twin and he’s a guy – almost as gorgeous as Scarlett is! Hunter Johansson is not a kind of person who love walking on a red carpet though, and he is not linked with showbusiness as well. Instead of this, he helps charities and political campaigns.


Mary-Kate Olsen
source : lolwot.com

…whose identical twin is Ashley Olsen and they are both gorgeous American actresses, best known from their appearance in „Full House” ages ago! (Two Michelles, can you believe?!) Now, they are more of celebs than actresses, but everyone knows them anyway!


Gisele Bundchen
source : wennermedia.com

Gisele has a twin called Patricia who is a beautiful woman and one of five sisters of Gisele (their father is really, really lucky!). She is Gisele’s manager now, and she also gave a try to modelling. Would you say so?


Joel Madden
source : pinterest.com

That is probably not a secret that Joel has a twin brother Benji if you are a fan of Good Charlotte. But maybe you are not and you can be aware of it now so you can spot the difference?


James Phelps
source : hogsmeade.pl

This name and surname may not ring a bell for you… but you must know him as Fred Weasley from Harry Potter. Same as Fred had a twin – George, same James has one – and his name is Oliver.