10 Celebrities Who Have A Twin. You Won’t Believe In #6! – home

In this article we are going to show you celebrities with their sisters or brothers. You wouldn’t say that some of them are siblings, but that is the truth!

Vin Diesel
source : toobnetwork.com

Double Vin Dieselism! His twin brother, Paul Vincent, is busy in life with film editing. The brothers on the opposite side of camera while making the same movie – this would be just awesome. AWESOME!


Bill Kaulitz
source : fanpop.com

Do you still remember this guy? He is a lead singer of Tokio Hotel – the most popular band among teenagers around, hmm, 10 years ago? Bill’s brother, Tom, is also involved in the band.


Ashton Kutcher
source : twincities.com

Ashton’s brother, Michael, works as a spokesperson and motivational speaker. He was diagnosed with a celebral palsy in the childhood and Ashton was, and is, a great support to him, what Michael higlights in every appearance.


Alanis Morissette
source : zimbio.com

Go and google „Wade Morissette”. This guy is really a brother of Alanis! He was in the music business for a bit, in interest of indie music, but didn’t make such career as Alanis did.


Aaron Dessner
source : independent.co.uk

Songwriter, instrumentalist and record producer, famous for being a member of The National. His twin brother – Bryce – is a member of this rock band as well, but they prepare a lot of their own initiatives together.