10 Drinks You Want To Drink Tonight – home

Today we are going to show you some examples of great drinks you could get or prepare on your own. Have you had them all? Let us know!

source : voidlive.com

Bring some Spain to your party with Sangria! Mix some wine with brandy, add some sugar and fruits such as apple, lime, strawberries and oranges. It is a refreshing, fruity and just tasty drink for everyone.


source : telegraph.co.uk

Well, it is a bit like Sangria, but in British version! Serve it with some lemon & lime sparkling water and strawberries. You can add other fruits too. Tastes like heaven, not only in summer time!


White Russian
source : liquor.com

If it is Russian, it is about Vodka. In this way, you simply mix it with some coffee and fill it with light cream. Ready to serve and ready to kill you. Are you prepared?


Mind Eraser
source : kahlua.com

Oh we love the name of this drink – it is probably a side (or main) effect of drinking it as well. Mix Vodka with Kahlua and finish it with tonic water. Let us know in comments if you survived!


Tequila Sunrise
source : winedharma.com

Tequila with orange juice, with an addition of grenadine if you like. This light drink will get you into summery mood no matter where you are! And you won’t wake up with a massive hangover as well.