10 Cakes You Would Never Make Yourself – home

Do you love cakes? We think that an answer is quite obvious. What about baking then? We knew that this is a case! If you have some skills – get inspired, if you don’t – get challenged with our list of 10 cakes we would love to eat right here and right now. Some of them are real pieces of an art, some seem to be easy to prepare, but we wouldn’t be so sure…

source : icakeideas.com

Can we take this bag for ladies night out and then eat it while coming back petty tipsy on a bus? Sounds like heaven we want to reach. Anyone is willing to bake us some cake?


source : pinterest.com

This is a piece of a great art we would not even try to copy! We know it is a cake but we would refuse to eat just to be able to put it in living room and look at it for ages (and show to every possible guest).


source : districtify.com

Could we bet a quid that it is delicious? We would bet even 1000. What a day to be alive if you get such a cake (especially if you just placed some bets on horses). Brilliant!


source : awesomeinventions.com

All we want is just to replace those pigs with us to have a bath in this yummy chocolate jacuzzi. The recipent of this cake must have been very, very happy (if he has even seen that, we would eat it before to be honest!


source : anniesamazingcakes.com

Colorful train made of cake and candies, looks awesome and would amaze your family and friends for sure. Will you be brave enough to give yourself a try and make it? Does not look that diffucult to make on your own, right?


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