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You probably know that even the greatest couple can get bored a bit at times. And boredom may lead to arguments, misunderstanding or eventually splitting up! How not to let it happen EVER? What to do to prevent this kind of situation and make your life together a total adventure? We know some solutions how to spice your life up! Check out our article and share your ways in comments below.

Blind date
source : Wireless-days.org

Blind – and literally blind – date is just great! Set up a date and come there as strangers. Try to get to know each other, ask some question and then offer to know each other much better and go to „your” place tonight.


Passionate massage
source : alohaloveheals.com

There is nothing better than a lovely massage from a person you loved – especially if you really need it! Prepare a special massage for each other – who knows where it will lead to…


Go rollercoaster
source : jimbenson.net

Survice up and downs together! This is one of the golden rule of a successful relationship. Why not to try it where you really can feel every up and every down? Rollercoaster will give both of you a lot of fun and excitement.


Movie marathon
source : valleymagazinepsu.com

Pull an all-nighter, buy some Coke or hot chocolate, prepare some popcorn, play Netflix… and chill. Well, „Netflix and chill” may go out of your control, but isn’t that an aim of any movie marathon together?


Cooking together
source : pinterest.com

Cooking as a couple it is so cute, so sexy and so funny! You should try it one day. No matter what you cook and how edible would it be, it will be prepared with heart and passion!