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Animals are all around us – we are not even aware how many of them surround as here and there. Not all of them are nice though (being scared of spiders or snakes – is that you?), but the cuteness with some of them is overloaded. Take a look at our list and pick your favourite one. Maybe you have a different type? Share it in comments!

source : reference.com

We had to start from panda, right? Like… we had to. There is probably nothing cutest than panda in the world even (ok, maybe newborns!). Who wouldn’t like to hug this sweetie just now?! (We are first in the Q)


Red Panda
source : allmystery.de

If you thought that red panda looks exactly the same as panda, but just in different colours… see how wrong you have been! You can see this cutie in numerous zoos all around the world.


Munchkin cat
source : pinterest.com

Awww! We don’t really love cats, but this one is such adorable one! Looks like a teddy bear or just a toy, but it is a real cat which is ready to cuddle with. Who is up for this kitten now?


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
source : pinterest.com

We are melting right now. These little dogs really love playing, cuddling and being your best friends. Regarded as fancy ones as one of the main characters in Sex in The City had one, ready for your love and care!


source : wikipedia.org

Who would have thought so?! Yes, squirrels – no matter if red or grey – are little jumping cuties and you just have to admit this. Just google „baby squirrels” and see those babies too!