10 Celebrities That Transformed Their Body

Summer is coming and you are looking for motivation to work out? You will surely find it when looking at these amazing transformations! These celebrities put in huge amount of work to make their body look great. They either did it for themselves or films they’ve starred in. Either way – we are jealous and motivated to go to a gym! I guarantee you’ll be too – after you cheQ it out!

Christian Bale
source : squareeyed.tv

He is the master of transformation: just look at how he went from skinny to ripped to bulky all over again! Christian Bale is famous for his dedication to doing everything to be as prepared as possible for his role.


Adrien Brody
source : fittips4life.com

For his role as a Royce in Predators Adrien had to bulk 30 pounds to fit into the role. It must have been really challenging as he looks like a naturally skinny person. It shows that if you want to achieve something: you’ll do it!


Taylor Lautner
source : celebuzz.com

Thanks to rigorous full body workout regime Taylor was able to bulk 30 lbs for his role in Twilight. You might think he is not the best actor ever but we all have to appreciate the effort he put in into his transformation.


Ryan Gosling
source : heartyhosting.com

Another case of from skinny to omg-look-at-him! Ryan Gosling gained a bit of weight and muscle to amaze ladies in the famous scene from Crazy Stupid Love. We think he did great, what about you?


Ryan Reynolds
source : youtube.com

Ryan Reynolds was like many of us: he admits he wasn’t living too healthy. But to become a true superhero in Blade: Trinity movie he had to change his habits. After that, he scored some other superhero roles, for example in Deadpool movie.