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Cute girls, sweet boys, We all watched a lot of movies where kids played an important role and they were adorable in it. Time passes by and they are grown up – and we decided to check what happened to them. The outcome is shocking – there are a couple of people who are even mre gorgeous now in the past. And insanely hot, too.

Lindsay Lohan
source : filmweb.pl

Well, she had some „adventures” with drugs, but you must admit that she looks adorable as a grwn up. Same smile which made us fall in love with her 20 years ago, same eyes which make you hypnotized even more now!


Zac Efron
source : abcnews.com

This guy was formerly known almost only for playing in High School Musical. Everyone thought that he is going to remain same sweet boy in the future. They have never been that wrong – he is freaking hot right now!


Jonathan Lipnicki
source : La-confidential-magazine.com

Everyone remembers this cute kid from Jerry Maguire or Stuart Little. He is still cute, but in a bit different way… Blonde child grew up to be a proper hottie. We want some sequels of Stuart Little now!


Matthew Lewis
source : hollywood.com

Do you remember funny, grumpy Neville Longbottom from the series of Harry Potter? Would you say that you’re going to fall in lve with that guy? Ladies (and gentlemen) – here you are! Matthew Lewis is definitely a no 1 hottie from Hogwart now.


William Moseley
source : thefandom.net

He played Peter Pevensie in „The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and we have to admit that he was kinda cute there. But just take a look at him now – that gorgeous guy is just stealing our hearth right now.