10 Smoothies Looking Lovely For Instagram – home

Struggling with finding some hot stuff to post on Instagram? Yeh, the struggle is over, but it is real. If you want to get some fame, publish some smoothies which are widely likeable (and yummy by the way!) and wait for the outcome! Maybe you will pick up a girl or guy for a couple of smoothies? Even if you don’t believe, you should try!

source : morris.com

Go fit – both ladies and guys love it. Use some veggies to make your perfect smoothie and drink it. Oops! Do not forget about taking a photo and publish it on your profile immediately!


source : her.ie

Easy, fruity, refreshing combination which will make your heart (and stomach) beat faster. Let us know when you make one, we feel pretty invited for a few lovely glasses. Tell your friends to come round too.


source : exploregram.com

Omnomnomnom. Blended pomegranate is great, but in this way we like it even much more. It would probably give you 200% more likes too, so maybe it’s worth trying (but not that easy to make..)?


source : dailyburn.com

Awwww! It looks so cute that we do not know if we could even touch it in fear of destroying, let alone having a sip or two. If you need some followers on Instagram, here’s the way.


source : iodonna.it

Kiwi smoothies at its finest! Who would say you can add kiwi to your smoothie like this? The fact how great it looks on the photo is a different story. Strongly recommended, must be tasty!