10 Romantic Films You Will Burst Into Tears During Watching – home

From all kinds of movies this one is the most touching tear-jerker. Not everyone likes films like this, but everyone gets their lesson after watching one or two. We prepared a list of 10 films worth watching on cozy evening with your friends or loved ones (sometimes it is better to watch them alone though!) Tissues ready? Let us know which one is your favourite (or just made you cry for the longest time!)

Me Before You
source : warnerbros.co.uk

Romantic novelty which already moved hearts people from all around the world. The wonderful story of love, affection, sacrifices and will to live which is mixed with a disappointment. We cried to the moon while watching. Must see!


If Only
source : moviestill.com

It hasn’t gained a fame it deserves! This movie will leave you speechless and force to think not once and not twice about the world around you. We awared you, so don’t blame us after watching!


source : rogerebert.com

If you love Ryan Gosling, this film is for you! You’ll get to see a beautiful love story served by Hollywood hottie (and Rachel McAdams, who is a sweetheart too) and we guess you’ll absolutely match watching the scene in the rain.


A Walk To Remember
source : ew.com

Is there anyone in the world who has not seen this film yet? A wonderful movie full of love, sacrifice, change and passion will make you cry to the moon (or at least we hope so!)


The Fault In Our Stars
source : imdb.com

About love and happiness in extraordinary circumstances. Worth watching not once and not twice. Plus, Amsterdam is shown as a beautiful and romantic spot in this film – we haven’t expected it to be that charming!