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Election in the US, happening in next few days, is a topic which interests everyone all around the world. Both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have their supporters also in celebrity world. We prepared an article concerning 10 celebrities who support controversial Donald Trump, with some reason why they are doing this. You may not believe who is that, we are going to surprise you!

Azealia Banks
source : thesource.com

She revealed on Twitter that Donald Trump has „balls” to be a president of „evil” America as he is evil himself. Tweets are from February, but she did not disagree with them to the date.


Tila Tequila
source : usmagazine.com

In the opinion of the reality TV personality and model, Donald Trump is trustworthy because he says what he really feels at the moment. We are not sure it is what makes him a great candidate though.


Mike Tyson
source : foxsports.com

He simply said „I think he should be the President of the United States”, adding that Trump is an average guy who needs some directions and grow up. Would it be enough though to make him a great President? What do you think?


Jon Voight
source : 24spoilers.com

We are not sure Angelina Jolie, who is his daugher, would share his opinion. He told people to „fight for Donald Trump”, who „will not let us down”. We will see in November what the outcome will be.


Charlie Sheen
source : gawker.com

He loves being controversial and he is not a disappointment in this field right now. His words: „If Donald Trump will have me I’d be his VP in a heartbeat!”. Sheen as a VP? We are not convinced.