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Autumn is a wonderful time for catching up all TV series you always wanted to watch. However, what if you have no clue about it, you would love to spend evenings on watching something catchy but you don’t know what could it be? We are happy to help with our recommended list of 10 TV series worth time-wasting and spending some autumn (and not only) evenings on watching them.

Game of Thrones
source : digitalspy.com

Catchy story, beautiful Emilia Clarke and millions of people all around the world watching this one. Do we have to persuade you or you’re already watching this one? We guess the second one is correct.


Peaky Blinders
source : imdb.com

One of the most popular series nowadays and probably must-see for guys from the UK. Gangster drama located in Birmingham in 1920s, which keeps on suspence all the time. Go and watch it right now!


The Last Man On Earth
source : zap2it.com

You will love this one! We have found it quite recently but fell in love from the first sight. The first season is just genius and you’ll get into the action pretty quickly and deeply.


Bold and the Beautiful
source : tenplaycom.au

Challenge for you. Try to watch all of the episodes and tell us the outcome – who is married, who has kids, who (additional question why) was cheated. We lost a plot but we would love to know!


source : imdb.com

The reality of (fictional) advertising agency’s life but sometimes it is so true that you won’t even believe! Won a lot of awards and regarded as one of the most successful TV series ever.